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Getting Started

  • Guest User: Stay anonymous and save notes without signing in. You can come back and edit your notes at anytime as long as you don't delete your browser cookies.
  • Registered User: Sign up for a FREE account so you can save your notes as private notes and log back in from anywhere to edit them.

Here is a list of neat things you can do with aNotepad

  • Save notes without creating an account. All your notes will be "Public" and you can only edit them from the same web browser
  • Register a free account and save notes as either "Public", "Private", or "Password Protected"
  • Easily share notes via Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Use a powerful HTML editor to enhance the way your notes look
  • Create multiple folders to organize your notes and sort your notes by date or title
  • Download your notes in PDF, MS Word, ODT, and Text format
  • Focus on your work without the need of keep saving your notes with Auto-save feature
  • Quickly browse through your notes with the note preview button
  • Make your note Password Protected so only people with password can read your note
  • Set an editor's password on your note so multiple people can edit a single note
  • Set customized time zone, auto-save note option, and new note default access in Settings page
  • Download all notes in Zip archive from Settings page
  • Enable or disable note commenting in Settings page
  • Set color theme to Light, Warm, and Dark in Settings page
  • Import from Word and PDF document and turn it into a note
  • Set fixed width font for plain text note in Settings page
  • Create checklists with note type dropdown
  • Share all public notes in a folder through folder sharing
  • [New] Record and attach audio to notes

Why use aNotepad? Here are some ideas

  • Save notes and access it from any location at any time
  • Create To-Do Lists
  • Use it as a daily diary to record each day's events
  • Store shopping list
  • Take class notes and share and collaborate with others

More on How To Use aNotepad.com - a free online notes editor

aNotepad.com is an online text editor that gives web user a simple tool to take and share notes online. User notes are saved through a secure internet connection to our cloud servers. aNotepad.com is free and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Note Permission

When you share your note as an online web page with others. You can set note permission to control who can see your note.

  • Private Note - Only you can read and edit
  • Public Note - Everyone who knows the URL can read
  • Password Protected Note - Only people with password can read

If you enable Guest Edit option on your note, people with note editing password can also edit your note at anotepad.com website.

Note Types

You can create your note as one of the following types and switch among them

  • Plain Text Note - Text note without formatting. Plain text note can use fixed width font as well
  • Rich Text Note - Text note with rich text formatting and the option to embed link, tables, and images
  • Task List - An itemized list with checkbox to mark the status of each item

Note Sharing Options

You can download and share your notes in multiple ways

  • Download Note - You can download your note in TXT, PDF, and Word Format to share it
  • Note Webpage - You can share the unique URL to your note through social media
  • Email Note - You can send your note in email body or as attachment to others

Organizing Notes

You can organize your notes into folders

  • All Notes - This folder shows all notes you have.
  • Inbox - This is the default folder for new notes and lists all notes that are not moved to a user folder.
  • User Folders - You can create multiple folders and move your notes from inbox to user folders to categorize them

You can also sort notes within a folder and search notes by keyword across all folders.

If you have any questions or any other ideas on improving aNotepad, please send an email at support@anotepad.com. We'd love to hear from you!